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How can I submit my work?

Submissions for Fall 2020 Playbill VTF Live are now closed, but please check back for our next festival submission season!

Is Playbill VTF Live seeking readings or fully-produced works?

We are seeking fully-produced plays and musicals that will be presented live online.

When are submissions due?

Submissions will close at midnight Pacific Time on August 13th.

Is there a submission or participation fee?

No, there is no cost to submit or present in the festival.

Can I submit a musical?


Can I submit a one-person show?


Can I submit a work that we previously produced?

Yes, as long as you or your company created the work and it has not been published or licensed.

Can I submit more than one production?

Yes, just complete a separate application for each work you’d like to submit.

Do I need to cast my show before submitting?

No, though if your show has been cast you can include cast bios as part of the optional submission materials.

For the application, do I need to submit a fully-produced, recorded version of the production?

No, the only materials required to apply are the starred items on the Submissions page.  However, if accepted to participate you must provide a fully-produced, directed, and uploaded live stream video during your time slot in the festival.

Can I submit a production if I’m under 18?

You must be over 18 years of age to submit a work, but your production may include performers of any age (minors must have the written approval of a parent or legal guardian to participate).

Are international submissions being accepted?

Unfortunately, for the Fall 2020 festival we are only able to accept submissions from the U.S.  All members of the production team, including all cast and crew, must be located in the U.S. during the festival broadcast.


How many productions will be selected to present their work at Playbill VTF Live?

We will select 12 Participants and 6 Alternates. In the event a Participant is not able to present their work, an Alternate will be selected to participate.

What is the festival format?

Playbill VTF Live is currently scheduled to be presented over three days from October 23rd through October 25th. The first two days, October 23rd and 24th, will each consist of an approximately 90-minute live broadcast of 6 shows, with a hosted segment following each production. The third day, October 25th, will feature a live broadcast of the awards presentations and the presentation of our donation to our charity partner.

Can we use pre-recorded backing tracks or vocals in our show?

No, any show that contains pre-recorded performances will be disqualified.

What about using pre-recorded sound effects?

Yes, sound effects may be pre-recorded, but they may not include musical or other performances.

If multiple members of our production team or cast are quarantined together, do we still need to adhere to the Production Challenge isolation requirements? What if quarantine requirements have been loosened or lifted in our region?

While the Fall 2020 Production Challenge was chosen to reflect real-world issues facing the theatre industry, to maintain fairness the Challenge requirements must be adhered to by all participants regardless of changing conditions across the country:

-Each member of your cast, crew, and production team must be in separate locations.
-A separate room shall be considered a separate location if it is physically isolated from any room(s) containing other members of the production team by closing off all openings, connections, pass-throughs, et cetera using doors or similar built-in, solid barriers.
-Actors may have one (1) stagehand on location with them, but all other production team members must be individually isolated.

Will the festival be broadcast via Zoom?

No, StreamYard, industry leaders in live-streaming production solutions, will provide the cutting-edge technology necessary to successfully translate the live theatre experience to live-online. However, Playbill VTF Live will only be broadcasting uploaded video streams — participants must provide a fully-produced, directed, and uploaded live stream video using StreamYard during their time slot in the festival.

What if my show runs under or over the 8 to 10 minute length requirement?

There will be a strict one-minute grace period allowed on either end of the time requirement to allow for the inherently unpredictable nature of live theatre. To maintain fairness, shows that run under or over the required times with the grace periods (under 7 or over 11 minutes) will not be eligible for prizes.

Will Playbill VTF Live be producing my work?

No, Participants must be able to upload a fully-produced and video-captured livestream of their production to Playbill VTF Live for broadcast during the festival.  If you use multiple cameras, your Production Team must include a Stage Manager, Technical Director, or other member to receive your video streams, switch between them as necessary, and upload the final directed livestream to our servers.

Will VTF Live be providing any video or audio equipment to the Participants?

No, Playbill VTF Live will only be providing StreamYard Professional software — Participants must provide their own equipment.


What will my Virtual Ticket allow me to watch?

Each Virtual Ticket is an all-access pass to Playbill VTF Live, and will allow you to watch all of the festival broadcasts as well as vote in the Audience Choice Award selection.